Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Indecision 2008 ala Gary Gygax

Ondigo sent me this totally awesome link that puts the 2oo8 election players into terms that those of us of a geekier nature can readily understand.

from Somehedgehog:

Adventuring Party Politics: The Campaign is Getting Ugly

GM: OK, the bugbear attacks you. What do you do?

OBAMA: I send one of my 672 henchmen after it.

MCCAIN: OK, seriously. Why does he have so many henchmen? I'm a level 72 ranger and he's only a level 8 paladin.

OBAMA: Well, if you'd bought the Grassroots Organizing and Oratory/Colgate Smile proficiencies you could min max it so that you...

MCCAIN: Why is he even IN this campaign? I thought this was supposed to be a high level party.

OBAMA: Well, maybe some people got tired of the grim and squinty "Matterhorn, son of Marathon" shtick you keep doing. Dude, could you be any less original?

MCCAIN: Oh my god, I did not leave my left nut in a tiger cage in the Tomb of Horrors to spend my Friday nights mopping up after the new kid.

OBAMA: "My friends, I am a totally unoriginal grizzled character class stereotype. I should lead the party because I have more testicular damage than that one."

MCCAIN: Yeah, well, you pal around with dark elves.


See the entire post here. You won't be sorry.

For those of you who for some reason don't get the gazebo reference, check out this link.


Fyrlocc said...

It's the 2008 elections, not 2004. and this was funny, even for an RPG-illiterate like myself.

Annie said...

Oops! :) Ondigo pointed it out to me last night and I'd thought I'd fixed it.

Isdihara said...

As amusing as this post was (and it was mightily amusing), the link to the explanation of the gazebo reference had me ROTFLMAO.

Oh! *sigh* *wipes.tears*
That was such a great side-splitter. Thanks for sharing.