Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ondigo had a dream...

As most of you know, it's been several years since we lost the Blessed St. Davey and Miss Nell. Ondigo and I had thought that we would not get another dog until we had retired and it could go with us wherever we went.

Well... Ondigo had a dream last month. He dreamed of petting a dog. And when he awoke, he could still smell the dog. The dream stuck with him. And it churned in his mind, so that he began to look at border collie rescue websites, and the dogs therein spoke to his heart. But adopting a border collie through a rescue organization is much like purchasing a house, but with more stress and a longer wait time.

And lo it came to pass that Annabelle was looking in the classified section of the newspaper and saw an advertisement for border collies. And the advertisement listed a webpage! And the webpage had photos of dogs! Black and White Border Collies! Red and White Border Collies! Blue Merle Border Collies! Red Merle Border Collies! Blonde (Yes BLONDE) Border Collies! And Puppies! Pretty Pretty Puppies!

So into the car we hopped and trecked out into the wilds of Culpepper, Virginia. Wendy fell in love with Ace. Annabelle fell in love with Margo. But Ondigo fell in love with Cody. While Annabelle tried to talk Ondigo into getting two puppies, we settled on sweet Mr. Cody.

So...with out further ado... meet the newest member of our family. These pictures are a little old, but hopefully I can get some better pictures later. The puppies are still too young to leave their mother, but Cody (Ondigo has not yet chosen his permanent name--do you have any ideas?) will be coming to live with us shortly after Christmas.


Fyrlocc said...

Cute puppies...but I think Mr. Cody will need a playmate or he'll get into untowards amount of puppy-mischief! And kitties don't count!

Annie said...

That's what I thought too... You're just a very astute person Miss Kate. :D

word verification: "lenglo"-- the feeling you get when you get to us the w"ord of the day" in a conversation.

Anonymous said...

I happened on your post by accident. I too have a puppy from Faith Ridge Border Collies .. an absolultely perfectly beautiful red & white male - named Rocky - for Rocket's Red Glare ... he's a lover - thinks he's a lap dog. We were so impressed with Bridget's "barn," we turned our basement into a warm, welcome kennel for all 5 of our bc's. We look every day at her website - she has incredible puppies and is full of wonderful tips to make the adjustment of a new puppy easy for us humans the the puppy's new brothers and sisters! Congrats on your new addition!