Sunday, December 14, 2008


We got to go visit with our new puppy this evening. Bridget at Faith Ridge Border Collies was very kind and gracious about letting us come late on Sunday and I'm sure we overstayed our welcome, (we were there 2 hours) but it was very hard to tear ourselves away from the little man. We played with Cody and his brother Chip and his sister Margo. Chip and Margo are still available and it is taking everything I have not to take them home with me. :) The puppy's litter name is Cody, but we haven't decided what his *real* name will be. In the running are Joss, Cai, Kip, Pip, Mick, and Nick. Which one do you like? I'm sure the little guy will tell us which one it is shortly after he moves in with us.

Which should be Tuesday December 23. Ondigo and I are only working half days on the 23 and we both have the 24-26th off, so we're looking forward to some bonding time!

I apologize for the red eyes. He really isn't a demon dog, but I don't have a decent photo editor on this 'puter, so I can't fix it right now.


Isdihara said...

Such a precious lil' pup!

Mick gets my vote. But I feel guilty for not choosing Joss.
(Joss is a fine name. Only other name I'd consider is Book. Shepherd Book, get it?)

Okay, maybe Mingo.

Todd's response after looking at the photos was, "looks like an 'Oreo' to me."

Shredder's Blog said...

I like Pip, myself. But that might be a curse for hyperactivity.

Fyrlocc said...

I'm still liking the idea of Nick for an xmas puppy. and I still think Ondigo should be getting Cody some playmates. three people (plus Nana)= three + laps, so three puppies works for me!