Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Giant Pool of Money

Working as I do for a real estate settlement company, I am naturally interested in any discussion of the housing market and the mortgage crisis. I was listening to NPR this weekend, (... okay.... *I* wasn't listening to NPR. I was riding in the car with Ondigo, who was listening to NPR. Personally I prefer the country music station. Don't hate me because I have no musical taste.)

Anyway... I was listening to NPR this weekend, and a piece on the Global Pool of Money came on. It was absolutely fascinating. I wasn't able to catch it all, as we were running errands, but I made a mental note to look on the web and see if I could find a podcast of it. I must have made the note on a virtual post-it note that had lost its stickiness, because I totally forgot about it until I was browsing BoingBoing tonight and found this link to the podcast. I don't have time to listen to it tonight, but I'm looking forward to checking it out tomorrow.

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