Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wow... A blog of my own....

I've decided that if my newest nephew can create a blog in utero then I can certainly maintain one as a fully functioning adult. Right? Of course Right!

My latest endeavor is attempting to get estimates for a basement bathroom rough-in. OMFG. Some of these guys are crazy. For what they want to rough-in my bathroom, I could have the entire bathroom installed. If you don't think the job is worth your time, just say so! But don't have me take time off of work to meet you for an estimate and then send me something so outrageous.
For these prices, I'll take a jackhammer to the floor myself, do it wrong, have the inspector tell me what's wrong, rip it out and fix it. It's still 1/4 of the cost and I have a new skill. Of course, when I say "me", I mean my beloved Ondigo. I've made him learn painting, drywall, wiring and tiling. It looks like plumbing may be next on the list. (What? You didn't think I would be getting *my* hands dirty? Manicures cost $$!)

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